10 Current Best Wrestling Entrances (2024)

What are today’s best wrestling entrances?

Wrestling without entrances is like popcorn without butter. Bland and tasteless!

What do some of the greatest performers in the wrestling industry, like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Edge, Lita, The Hardy Boyz, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Ric Flair, John Cena, Trish Stratus, The Dudley Boyz, and others all have in common besides being great? Their entrances have elevated them. Having a solid entrance is an important component in the wrestling industry because it creates hype before stepping into the ring. Besides, who could get behind a wrestler with a boring entrance? Today, entrances are being taken to the next level. The ten current best wrestling entrances are a thrill to witness.

10. Drew McIntyre

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The Scottish warrior Drew McIntyre’s journey to the top hasn’t been easy. His first run in WWE wasn’t very successful, as he was overlooked and eventually released by the company. While he has always had the talent to be a top-tier superstar, his entrances during his first WWE run were boring and may have factored into his lack of success.

Thankfully, WWE reinvented McIntyre’s character when they re-signed him, including an entrance change. With his entrance music being much more captivating, it grabs the crowd’s attention, generating a response, face or heel. The addition of the sword amplifies the crowd even more. Being the Scottish warrior, the sword is a perfect addition to his character.

Most importantly, McIntyre’s serious, tough guy walk to the ring signifies his intention to pick apart his opponent. Once fans see the intense look on his face, they know business is about to pick up quickly. If a case can be made for entrances influencing wrestling careers, Drew McIntyre is the perfect example.

9. Bianca Belair

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What makes Bianca Belair’s entrance so unique is her positive, upbeat vibe. From her motivational music to her dancing and swinging her ponytail, Belair sets the tone with her entrance. By adapting to her entrance as both a face and heel, she sets herself apart from the other competitors.

The graphics and the lighting also give that upbeat feel to Belair. Throughout the years, dynamic entrances have not been a priority for women in wrestling. But that is starting to change with Bianca Belair being one of the women today with a vibrant entrance.

8. The Acclaimed

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The Acclaimed has become one of the most popular tag teams in wrestling today. This is largely due to their fun entrance. Max Caster is a talented rapper who has used his talent by rapping during the entrance, putting The Acclaimed over. Throwing shade at multiple well-known celebrities in relevant situations is what makes the rapping so fun. Other than R Truth, there is no other wrestler that has rapped in an entrance.

7. Roman Reigns

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To set himself apart from The Shield, The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, needed an upgrade in his entrance. Reigns’ current updated entrance perfectly fits the Tribal Chief character. Music, lighting, and effects all come together to establish Reigns’ greatness. Plus, the business-like demeanor with which he walks makes it even more special.

Reigns’ entrance with The Bloodline is also spectacular to watch. When The Bloodline comes out to a grand entrance like that, fans are immediately mesmerized. This entrance is by far better than the one with The Shield. WWE should be proud of the work they have put in with this one, for it makes The Tribal Chief look like the sensational superstar he is.

6. Moose

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The first entrance theme for the Impact Wrestling star Moose was suitable for him as a face. But since wrestlers cannot be babyfaces forever, they must do whatever it takes to adapt to new character changes. When it was time for Moose to turn heel, changes needed to be made in his entrance to fit his new character.

Darkness at the beginning gives the crowd a sense of Moose’s darker side. It sets the tone that Moose is not playing around. Only the most talented wrestlers have a darkness effect in their entrances, so it really demonstrates how valuable Moose is to the wrestling industry.

The new music and sound effects also amplify the heel character. When Moose’s music hits, the crowd instantly feels the vibe in the arena, knowing he is about to cause damage. Combine the lighting with everything else, and it becomes a riveting entrance. Regarding entrances in Impact Wrestling, Moose has one of the most unique ones.

5. Death Triangle

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Being one of the best trios teams in AEW, Death Triangle deserves an epic entrance. Dimming the lights for a few seconds and adding the dramatic effects at the beginning is an unreal presentation. The thrill of the crowd from this entrance cannot be contained.

While the Death Triangle has had solid entrances in the past, this one is by far the best. Not only does it have a gravitating effect on the audience, but it’s also perfectly designed for the story told by these talented performers. Death Triangle’s entrance plays a huge part in who they are.

4. Charlotte Flair

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One of the greatest female wrestlers today and of all-time, Charlotte Flair always knows how to make a grand entrance. WWE understood the assignment when creating her entrance throughout the years.

Like her legendary Hall of Famer father Ric Flair, Charlotte wears the snazzy robes to the ring. Wearing the robe makes her look like she’s on top of the world, perfectly tailor-made for the queen. One piece of wardrobe can make a big impact when entering the ring.

What really stood out during Charlotte Flair’s return from injury was her newly updated entrance music. A more modern/upbeat vibe is exactly what the music needed. Flair has always had a confident strut to the ring and even more so now because of the new music. Perfect move by WWE creative. Fans recognize greatness when Charlotte Flair hits the scene with one of the best entrances today and of all-time.

3. Chris Jericho

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Lionheart. Painmaker. Ocho. Three of the many names to describe the icon Chris Jericho. Wrestling entrances have always been a huge deal to Jericho, and he has had some terrific ones throughout his career. But his current AEW entrance is probably the most electrifying of all.

Coming from his own band Fozzy, Judas is the ultimate sing-along. Watching the crowd sing along as Jericho makes his appearance is always a highlight of the show that never gets old. Whether face or heel, fans enjoy singing along to Judas. Anyone can tell that Jericho indulges in the crowd sing-along regardless of being a face or heel. Megastar performers require megastar entrances. Chris Jericho’s Judas entrance surpasses his previous ones and will be remembered for decades to come.

2. CM Punk

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CM Punk went from being under the radar to a household name in a short amount of time. With Punk already being cut from a different cloth, all he needed was a spectacular entrance to set him apart which is what he got with Living Colour’s popular tune Cult of Personality. Putting a top star and song together made perfect sense. The song was first used for Punk in WWE in 2012. When Punk debuted in AEW, it was nice that he was still able to use Cult of Personality as his entrance theme.

Goosebumps were sent throughout the entire fanbase when CM Punk made his debut in AEW using Cult of Personality as his music. Like Chris Jericho’s Judas, Cult of Personality became another sing-along tune for the fans. Fans have longed to hear that song for Punk. It’s amazing how when people hear Cult of Personality, they immediately think of CM Punk. That’s quite the accomplishment for a professional wrestler. No matter what happens in CM Punk’s wrestling future, his entrance will forever be cherished.

1. The Elite

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Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks are no strangers to ‘elite’ entrances. In recent years, The Elite has reinvented themselves, using different entrances to adapt to character changes. Their current entrance is magical because it perfectly illustrates their wrestling journey.

Rising to the top of the company, Kansas’ Carry On Wayward Son perfectly illustrates the wrestling careers of Omega and the Bucks. Debuting that song as their new entrance music at Full Gear sent chills throughout the fanbase. Everyone was soaking in the moment. It was even more heartwarming when the crowd and The Elite started singing along. Heartfelt interactions between wrestlers and fans are amazing, and Carry On Wayward Son sparked the connection between the crowd and The Elite.

Perfectly timed fireworks and a confident walk to the ring also make this entrance so enchanting. All of the elements combined have turned this entrance into a beautiful work of art. No other performer can pull off a phenomenal entrance to Carry On Wayward Son like The Elite, as this entrance was designed exclusively for the Trios Tag Team Champions.


10 Current Best Wrestling Entrances (2024)


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