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Table of Contents

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 So what exactly are Lightstones and Artifacts?
  • 3 How to Identify Lightstones?
  • 4 How To Add And Remove Lightstones From Artifacts?
  • 5 The Best PVE Artifacts And How To Get Them
  • 6 Best In Slot PVE Lighstone Combinations
    • 6.1 Best In Slot Survivability
    • 6.2 Best In Slot Resist
    • 6.3 Best in Slot PVE Damage
  • 7 Best PVP Artifacts
  • 8 Best In Slot PVP Lightstone Combinations
    • 8.1 Best In Slot Survivability
    • 8.2 Best In Slot Damage
    • 8.3 Best PVP Artifact For Defense
  • 9 Strategy For Hunting These Relics And Artifacts
    • 9.1 Lifeskills Artifacts:
    • 9.2 How Do We Get these Lifeskilling Artifacts?
    • 9.3 Getting Lightstones of Grass
  • 10 Best Artifacts For Lifeskills
    • 10.1 Best Artifact for Sailing
    • 10.2 Best Artifact for Hunting
    • 10.3 Best Artifact for Cooking
    • 10.4 Best Artifact For Gathering
    • 10.5 Best Artifact For Fishing


In this guide, we will be listing down the best-in-slot artifacts for PVP and PVE when it comes to damage and survivability, along with a guide on where and how to get these artifacts. This guide will also feature a discussion on Lightstones and the best types you should use for every build you want to achieve, whether to maximize survivability or attack damage. This guide will also tell where to hunt for these Lightstones and what to do with them. Lastly, this guide hopes to teach you the unique mechanic that goes into hunting for lifeskill artifacts and the best combinations for them.

So what exactly are Lightstones and Artifacts?

Artifacts are two new accessories that you can place in two gear slots; each artifact has its own stat bonuses. Each artifact comes with two slots where you can insert Lightstones for additional bonuses; that’s a total of four Lightstones.

This is similar to adding Crystals to your gear, and depending types of Lightstones you add to your artifacts, you will be granted a variety of set effects. This is why it’s important to know the types of Lightstones you’re inserting in our artifacts so that the set effects you get match the type of in-game activity you want to use your gear for.

How to Identify Lightstones?

Once you get a Lightstone from a boss or a grind spot, it will come in an unidentified version. Take these unidentified Lightstones to the Traveling Alchemist, Dailishin. Pay him 20 million Silver and get a random purified version of the Lightstone.

An alternative for this is if your character is Ranked Guru 1 in Alchemy, where instead of paying 20 million silver to an NPC, you can make a recipe, depending on what color of Lightstone you want to craft. This is a cheaper alternative, and the price can vary from 5-to 10 million Silver depending on the market value of the raw materials at the time of crafting.

You also have a slight chance of getting two processed lightstones out of the recipe every time you try to craft it. This is not advisable for most players who don’t own an Alchemist with an almost Guru level in alchemy. Lastly, if you have a lot of money, you can buy these finished Lightstones from the Marketplace.

Once you’ve collected 3 identified Lightstones and all have stat combinations that you don’t find suitable for the build you’re trying to achieve, you can process these three again to generate another processed Lightstone with a random stat bonus.

How To Add And Remove Lightstones From Artifacts?

One great feature about artifacts and lightstones is that you can build and break as you progress through the game. The game allows you to add and remove lightstones almost freely. So even if you don’t have that perfect combination of Lightstones just yet, you can insert them for the bonus while you hunt for your ideal Lightstones and Artifacts.

To extract a Lightstone from an artifact, you will need an Extraction Tool, once you have it, go to any blacksmith and select the extract option. This extractiong will cost you 20 million Silver. So don’t be afraid to go wild with the combinations. Just keep the budget in mind.

The Best PVE Artifacts And How To Get Them

Lesha’s Relic – Monster Damage Reduction +9 and Marsh’s Artifact – Monster Damage Reduction +6

These artifacts are arguably the best PVE Artifacts in-game. These are dropped by Kutum(World Boss), Dark Rifts, Guild Bosses, Muraka, Mudster, Katzvariak Offin(World Boss, and all Boss Scrolls whether Normal or Awakened. To achieve the proper effect you must have one of each artifact or two of the same kind to attain the desired set-effect.

Best In Slot PVE Lighstone Combinations

Best In Slot Survivability

If you’re going for survivability, the best Lighstone combinations for you are three pieces of Lightstone of Earth: Veil and one Chromatic Lightstone. The set-effect bonus will grant you 6% less damage taken from monsters and +20 to your Monster Damage Reduction.

You can farm for Lightstones of Earth in the following spots and mobs; Oluns, Gyfins, Turos, Padix, Manshaums, Lower Sycraia, Navarn Steppe, Cadry’s, Hystria, Schultz Guards and Sherekhan’s.

The mobs in these spots will drop an Imperfect Lightstone of Earth; you then take 20 million Silver and Gold bars along with 2 10 million bars, and the Imperfect Lightstone Of Earth to the wandering alchemist, Dalishain. You can find him in every major city in-game, give him the required items and he will give you a Purified Lightstone Of Earth.

Open the Purified Lightstone and it’s going to give either a Veil, Armed Forces.or Mountain depending on your luck with RNG system. In most instances, you will have to open up multiple Lightstones to produce 3 Veils. After this, you’ll need a Chromatic Lightstone that you can get from world bosses, field bosses, Guild Raids, Dark Rifts, Weekly Boss Raids, and Awakening Boss Scrolls. Once you collect all four, slot them into your two artifacts to complete the process.

Best In Slot Resist

For Best in Slot Resist, the best combination would be two Limestone Of Earth: Armed Forces, One Limestone Of Earth: Mountain and one Limestone of Earth; Veil is the way to go. The set effect grants you +20 Damage Reduction, a Monster Resist Buff of +50% and an All Resist of +1%. You can farm for these stones at the same spots where you can find the Lightstones.

Best in Slot PVE Damage

This Lighstone combination is actual best suited for PVP, but we’re going to include it here for PVE because of it’s versatility when it comes to increasing your damage output. This combination consists of one Lightstone Of Fire: Rage, one Lightstone Of Fire: Marked, one Lightstone Of Fire: Strike and one Lightstone of Wind: Lungs. The set-effect for this combination will give +10 to Attack Power, +10 All Accuracy, +100 to Max Stamina and +6% Critical Damage.

To get Fire Lightstones, you can hunt for them in the following spots: Basilisks, Kratuga, Stars End, Forest Ronaros, Aakman, Ash Forest, Aba Monastery, Thornwood Forest, Gahaz, Nagas, Sulfur Mines, Crescents, Fadus, Blood Wolves, Protty Cave and Pila Ku. Repeat the same process with Dalishain once you have enough Imperfect Lightstones.

Another Lightstone combination that’s suitable for spots such as Olens, Gyphen and Ash Forest where you’re going to be doing a lot of attacks from the back because the mobs are so closely packed together is two Lightstones of Fire: Predation, one Lightstone Of Fire: Shadows and One Lightstone of Fire: Strike. This set-effect grants you +13 in Monster AP, Back Attack Damage +6% and Crit Damage +3%. You can find these Lightstones at Crypt, Mirumok Ruins, Centaurs, Pirate Island, Bashim’s, Tshira Ruins, Upper Sycraia and Polly’s.

Best PVP Artifacts

When it comes to the best PVP artifacts, you could try three different types based on your preference. If you want the best survivability, go for a Lesha’s Relic which gives you +6 in All Evasion or +3 Defensive Rating. If you want more offensive accuracy, go for Marsh’s Artifact, which gives you +8 in Accuracy.

You can hunt for the Lesha’s Relics in these spots: Cadry Ruins, Centaurs, and Padix Island. You can also get them through summoning scrolls such as the Griffon Scroll, Urugon Scroll, Leebur Scroll, and the Muskan Scroll. For the Marsh’s Artifact, you can grind for them at Dastard Bheg, Mirumok Ruins, Forest Ronaros, Stars End, Turos, and Abandoned Monastery.

Best In Slot PVP Lightstone Combinations

Best In Slot Survivability

For the best survivability, you’re going to need Lightstone Of Earth: Iron Wall, Lightstone Of Earth: Waves, Lightstone Of Earth: Disturbance, and Lightstone Of Wind: Heart. The set-effect bonus for this will give you +18 in All Damage Reduction, +33 in All Evasion, +200 Health Points, and +3% Special Attack Evasion.

Grind for the Lightstones of Earth at the previously mentioned spots. For the Lightstones of Wind, you can find them at the Crypt, Mirumok Ruins, Centaurs, Pirate Island, Bashim’s, Tshira Ruins, Upper Sycraia, and Polly’s. Repeat the same process with Dalishain once you’ve farmed for enough Imperfect Lightstones.

Best In Slot Damage

For an offensive approach, you will need the same combination previously mentioned for PVE. This combination applies to both because of its versatility when it comes to damage output; whether against Mobs or other players.

You’re going to need one Lightstone Of Fire: Rage, one Lightstone Of Fire: Marked, one Lightstone Of Fire: Strike and one Lightstone of Wind: Lungs. The set-effect for this combination is going to give +10 to Attack Power, +10 All Accuracy, +100 to Max Stamina and +6% Critical Damage.

Best PVP Artifact For Defense

The best artifact for defense when it comes to PVP is Kehel’s Artifact which grants +75 to your max health. These artifacts are dropped by Quint (World Boss), Black Shadow, Garmoth. Red Nose(Awakening Boss, Field Boss, Normal, Summon Scroll), Giath(Normal, Summon Scroll, Awakening Scroll). You can also grind for this artifact on Valley of Olun and Crypt Of Resting Thoughts.

Another alternative for defense is Lesha’s Relic for All Damage Reduction which you can find at the Cadry’s Ruins, Centaur Herd, and Padix Island. Bosses like Griffon, Urugon, Leebur, and Muskan all drop this artifact, whether you summoned them from an Awakening Scroll and a Summon Scroll, as well as the normal versions of these bosses.

Strategy For Hunting These Relics And Artifacts

Make sure to run all of your Boss Scrolls and Rifts first, as these are readily available in your inventory. Next, attend every World Boss Spawn for PVE Artifacts, Chromatics, and all the other Lightstones because these World Bosses typically drop an assortment of these types of Lightstones. In between World Boss Spawns, grind for Accuracy Artifacts for PVP at Abandoned Monastery, and the Fire Lightstones.

Hunt for the Earth Lifestones at Gyfin’s, and lastly, hunt for the Wind Lightstones at Crypt; if you’re looking for an easier alternative, you can hunt these Lightstones at Centaurs.

Lifeskills Artifacts:

Lifeskilling Artifacts are slightly different from your usual PVE and PVP artifacts because these artifacts and Lightstones grant you either EXP percent or Mastery, as opposed to all those variations that come with your usual artifacts. It’s either you get an artifact that grants you a 3% experience bonus for all your lifeskills or one that grants a 5% bonus experience for a specific lifeskill of choice. The same mechanic works with an Artifact that grants you Mastery; it’s either a 7% bonus master to all lifeskills or a 10% for specific ones.

How Do We Get these Lifeskilling Artifacts?

You won’t be hunting bosses or grinding mobs at specific places to get these artifacts; instead, you get these artifacts by performing lifeskills. For artifacts that grant you a bonus across the board for all your lifeskills, you can get this by performing any of the 10 lifeskills in game. For an artifact that grants a specific bonus for a certain lifeskill, you can get this by performing the aforementioned lifeskill.

For instance, if you’re character is out gathering, you can get an All Life Skill Artifact. But if you’re looking for an artifact for a specific lifeskill, such as a Bass Fishing Mastery Artifact, you’ll obviously have to go fishing with your character. In short, you have a chance to get an artifact with a general bonus by doing all the lifeskills and and artifact for a specific lifeskill by doing that lifeskill.

When it comes to lifeskill artifacts, the artifacts and the combos are very activity specific as opposed to PVE and PVP artifacts where you can interchange them with each other. The Lightstones that you’ve inserted give you specific statistical bonuses for a specific type of mobs or a specific type of class when you’re doing pvp. Likewise, most stats given by PVE and PVP artifacts serve multiple purposes. For example, an artifact that grants accuracy will be useful for either activity since you need it to take down enemies with a high evasion rating, whether a monster or an enemy player. As opposed to lifeskills, an artifact that gives you a bonus for fishing, will do you no good when you’re out gathering.

Getting Lightstones of Grass

You can get these lightstones by performing all the lifeskills except Barehand Gathering, Water Collection and Shoveling. You can get the blue lifeskill lightstones. You can also get these by doing imperial activities such as Imperial Trading, Imperial Horse Training, Imperial Alchemy, Imperial Cooking, etc. By doing these, there is a chance of getting both the lightstones and the artifacts needed for your desired combination.

You can also get these by using your Golden Work Seals.

Best Artifacts For Lifeskills

Best Artifact for Sailing

The best Lifeskill Artifact for Sailing is the Hug Of The Sea, Mermaid’s Hope III. This artifact gives you +10% to experience gained when sailing, Bartering Experience gain of 10%, and +45 to your Sailing Mastery. As for the Lightstone Combinations, you’re going to need three Lightstones Of Grass and one Chromatic Lightstone. One important thing to note is that when it comes to Lightstones, you will need one Chromatic Lightstone for every life skill artifact.

Best Artifact for Hunting

The best artifact for hunting is the Fangs which give you +8% Critical Strike Chance, +10% Hunting Experience Gain, +10 to Hunting Mastery, +2 levels to Attack Speed Potential, and +1 to Critical Strike Potential. For the Lightstone combinations, you get two Lightstones of Grass, one Trap, one Pursuit, a Lightstone of Fire, and a Chromatic Lightstone.

Best Artifact for Cooking

Cooking is arguably the most important life skill in the game. The Essence Of Cooking gives you -2 seconds of Cooking Time, +10% to Cooking Experience Gain, Cooking Mastery +10 and +30 to the limit of your Carrying Weight. For the Lightstone combinations, you’re going to need Lightstone Of Grass: The Secret, Lightstone Of Grass: Combination, Lightstone Of Wind: Feather, and Chromatic Lightstone.

Best Artifact For Gathering

Hedgehog Yawning grants a +10% chance to obtain all gatherings, a gathering experience gain of +10%, gathering Mastery of +10, +1 to both gathering speed potential and energy recovery. The Lightstone combination needed for this to work is one Lightstone Of Grass: Meadow, one Lightstone Of Grass: Forest, one Lightstone of Wind: Luck, and one Chromatic Lightstone.

Best Artifact For Fishing

The Bite Of God has a Fishing Experience Gain of +10%, a reduction in Auto-Fishing Time of -15%, Fishing Mastery of +20, +1 to Fishing Potential Level. For this, you’ll need Lightstone Of Grass: Chance, Lightstone Of Grass: Time, Lightstone of Wind: Lungs, and a Chromatic Lightstone. This artifact is great for maximizing fishing events in-game.

BDO Artifacts and Lightstones Guide: BiS For PvE, PVP, and Life Skills - mmosumo (2024)


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