Eyes of Adventure Vol 7 Rare Kkebichest Dokkebi Chests (2024)

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Eyes of Adventure Vol 7 Rare Kkebichest Dokkebi Chests (1)

Dokkebi Chests are hidden chests that complete volumes 5 through 7 of “The Eyes of Adventure” within the Adventure Log Bookshelf.

You can find them scattered throughout Land of the Morning Light, which became available on June 14th 2023.

This guide details the locations of all 5 Dokkebi Chests (or Rare Kkebichest) for volume 7 of The Eyes of Adventure – Dokkebi’s Hobbies.

Volume 7 Requirements:

  • Eyes of Adventure volumes 5 and 6 completed.

Adventure Log Basics:

  • View LoML Adventure Log Menu: press Esc → Adventure → Adventure Log Bookshelf → The Eyes of Adventure → Volume 7
  • Completing Volume 7 and finding all Dokkebi Chests will open up Volume 8.
  • When The Eyes of Adventure → Volume 7 page is completed, it will receive a sparkly highlight. Click it to receive your reward.
  • A completion stamp will cover the reward, if you have already received it.
  • Dokkebi Chests can be completed in any order within Volume 7.

The Eyes of Adventure

Adventure Log Bookshelf

  • Volume 5:
    • Page 1 → 20 Dokkebi Chests
    • Page 2 → 20 Dokkebi Chests
    • Page 3 → 20 Dokkebi Chests
    • Page 4 → 20 Dokkebi Chests
    • Page 5 → 20 Dokkebi Chests
  • Volume 6:
    • Pages 1 to 5 → 5 Dokkebi Chests
  • Volume 7:
    • Pages 1 to 5 → 5 Dokkebi Chests
  • Volume 8:
    • Pages 1 to 5 → 5x Dokkebi Fishing
  • Volume 9:
    • Pages 1 to 5 → 5x Groovekebi

———— The Eyes of Adventure Reward TOTALS (Volumes 1 to 9) ———–

  • LoML housing furniture x20
  • Family Wide Character Stats:
    • +300 Max Stamina
    • +100 Max HP
    • +1 All DP
    • +2 Max Energy
  • 3x Artisan Dokkebi Worker (1 for each village)
  • 800x Sangpyeong Coins (LoML currency)
  • LoML Crafting Materials:
    • Mysterious Powder x100 (craft LoML furniture, Marni Sniper Rifle, Miraculous Herbal Medicine, and Miracle-Imbued Stone)
    • Forest Crystal x1 (need 1 to make 1 Life Skill Crystal)
    • Crystal of Harmony x1 (need 1 to make 1 Ultimate Combined Magic Crystal)
  • LoML Consumables:
    • Miraculous Nourishing Soup x2
    • Miraculous Tteokguk x2
    • Iridescent Maehwa Liquor x2
    • Miraculous Herbal Medicine x2

Rare Kkebichest Chest

Find a total of 5 Rare Kkebichest (red colored Dokkebi Chests) hidden throughout Land of Morning Light.

Goal: Find Rare Kkebichest


  • Page 1: Max Stamina +50 (Family-wide)
  • Page 2: Miraculous Nourishing Soup x2
  • Page 3: Miraculous Tteokguk x2
  • Page 4: Iridescent Maehwa Liquor x2
  • Page 5: Miraculous Herbal Medicine x2

Dokkebi Chest 7-1 (Rare Kkebichest)

Nearby Node: west of Bari Forest

Details: travel to the top of a tall waterfall then swim down along the water to the bottom to reach the chest.

Dokkebi Chest 7-2 (Rare Kkebichest)

Nearby Node: Haemo Island

Details: along the SW cliff of the island

Dokkebi Chest 7-3 (Rare Kkebichest)

Nearby Node: Shimnidae Forest

Details: look for a small hut in the middle of a bamboo forest.

Dokkebi Chest 7-4 (Mysterious Kkebichest)

Nearby Node: Dokkebi Forest

Details: the starting position is shown below in Dokkebi Forest. Look for the area with all the destroyed huts and debris.

The map below shows the final destination, where the chest is located. It’s on top of some waterfalls.

To get to the chest you will have to follow the ridges and mountains on the west side of the river until you see the very top of the waterfall below you.

Dokkebi Chest 7-5 (Mysterious Kkebichest)

Nearby Node: north of Dokkebi Forest

Details: from the previous chest, follow the river to the very bottom of the waterfall. I fell wrong and died. You might be better off pressing Esc > Emergency Escape. The chest is in the cave system where the Dokkebi Princess is located. The chest is hidden in the water just behind the Princess.

Sources & Additional Info

Many thanks to the helpful content creators below. Keep up the good work!

Eyes of Adventure Vol 7 Rare Kkebichest Dokkebi Chests (19)




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Eyes of Adventure Vol 7 Rare Kkebichest Dokkebi Chests (21)


8 months ago

The chest west of Bari Forest is not the first one. It won’t let me talk to it.


Eyes of Adventure Vol 7 Rare Kkebichest Dokkebi Chests (22)



Reply to Deathwalk

8 months ago

Hello 🙂 You will not be able to use any red Rare Kkebichest until you have all of volumes 5 and 6 completed of The Eyes of Adventure.


Eyes of Adventure Vol 7 Rare Kkebichest Dokkebi Chests (23)


6 months ago

Pics were perfect. Recommend doing the islands last for Chapter 6 and then do 7-2 FIRST to avoid back and forth to the islands.


Eyes of Adventure Vol 7 Rare Kkebichest Dokkebi Chests (24)



Reply to ElderNotleh

6 months ago

Thanks for the tip!


Eyes of Adventure Vol 7 Rare Kkebichest Dokkebi Chests (2024)


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