Final ‘Raw’ Before Money in the Bank Shows Depth of WWE Roster (2024)

Here are my Top 10 takeaways from a night I spent watching Raw at TD Garden in Boston:


What a way to kick off #WWERaw live in BOSTON!

— WWE (@WWE) July 2, 2024

Jey Uso kicked off the show with an electric entrance through the crowd, who lit up the arena with their flashlights to welcome him. Pat McAfee, who usually stands up on the commentary desk to dance along to Uso’s entrance music, was missing again this week. While Corey Graves filled in for commentary duties, he left the dancing to Michael Cole. Two security guards sat on either side of the commentary desk as extra protection in anticipation of the Wyatt 6.

Uso talked about his intention to win the Money in the Bank briefcase. He was interrupted by Chad Gable, one of his opponents in the upcoming ladder match. Gable described surviving the last two weeks as miraculous, as he managed to defeat two major foes to qualify for Money in the Bank even after being betrayed by his Alpha Academy and targeted by the Wyatt 6.

Unconvincingly, Gable told Uso that he is no longer scared of the Wyatts–but that Uso should be. Not only has Uso “stolen” the fireflies, but he abandoned his own family, the Bloodline. Uso responded that he had more in common with Otis, Maxxine Dupri, and Akira Tozawa than Gable, comparing Gable to the manipulative Head of the Table, Roman Reigns. Gable clearly didn’t appreciate this, and started swinging at Uso. Uso was quick to defend himself, and Gable rolled out of the ring to get away. Though he’d evaded Uso, Gable was not in the clear just yet. The lights in the arena began to shut down, the ring filled with fog, and the fireflies came out for the Wyatt 6.


— WWE (@WWE) July 2, 2024

Gable tried to escape the arena, but every exit was blocked by one of the family’s members. He managed to climb through the audience towards safety, and the same ghostly woman who presented a package to Michael Cole last week left another one on the commentary desk before disappearing once again.

During the commercial break, the lights came up, the fog cleared, and Jey Uso emerged from his hiding place to leave the arena safely. Michael Cole opened the package to discover another VHS tape, which was sent to production to be played later in the night.

9.) Karrion Kross takes out Kofi Kingston

After Karrion Kross spent weeks attempting to drive a wedge between the New Day’s Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, a singles match between Woods and Kross took place on Raw. Kross has been adamant that Woods is being held back by Kingston–and that he could reach greater heights by joining The Final Testament.

Kofi Kingston just ... SNAPPED!#WWERaw

— WWE (@WWE) July 2, 2024

Woods has been on a mission to prove him wrong, and he got the victory against Kross on Raw. While The New Day celebrated, AOP snuck up on them and attacked. They knocked out Woods by throwing him into the barricade, leaving Kingston in the ring with Kross, who sought to injure his left arm. Kross had Kingston locked in for a long time, completely helpless before a referee broke the hold. As The Final Testament stood tall, Woods helped Kingston out of the ring.

8.) Conflict arises within The Judgment Day

Dominik Mysterio and Damian Priest approached The Judgment Day clubhouse, and before they stepped inside, Priest asked Mysterio if he’d heard from Rhea Ripley.

Mysterio said he had and that she was fine, but Priest caught him in his lie as he had just spoken with her and she was angry over the whole Liv Morgan situation. Mysterio promised to handle it, but Priest called him out for promising that before with no results. The two bickered as they opened the door, but stopped when they realized Morgan was already inside, playing video games with the rest of the faction.

TENSIONS RISE for The Judgment Day!#WWERaw

— WWE (@WWE) July 2, 2024

Finn Balor pulled Priest aside. He said Priest seems to be the only one who doesn’t want Morgan hanging around The Judgment Day, especially after she helped win the World Tag Team Championships from Awesome Truth. Balor also took issue with Priest’s conversation with Seth Rollins last week, in which he put his own spot in The Judgment Day on the line in their World Heavyweight Championship match at Money in the Bank. Priest also told Rollins that The Judgment Day needed him more than he needed them. Priest explained that the only reason they need him more is because he’s champion, just like when Ripley was Women’s World Champion. Now that Balor and McDonagh are tag team champions, they need each other. He also assured Balor that he knows he can defeat Rollins, so his spot in The Judgment Day is secure. Balor wasn’t buying it, and told Priest that ever since winning that title, he’s changed.

With dissent growing between Priest and The Judgment Day, he may not need to lose to Seth Rollins to lose his spot in the group.

BOSTON brought the signs on #WWERaw last night!

OTTAWA, bring your best next week

— WWE (@WWE) July 2, 2024

7.) Zelina Vega challenges Liv Morgan for the Women’s World Championship

Zelina Vega challenged Liv Morgan for the Women’s World Championship after Morgan interfered in the LWO’s feud with The Judgment Day.

"SHAVE YOUR MUSTACHE!" - Boston@DomMysterio35

— WWE (@WWE) July 2, 2024

Last week, Dominik Mysterio offered to help Vega in the match, as he would rather prefer anyone but Morgan holds the title. Vega declined, not trusting him after their past differences, but that didn’t stop him from showing up at ringside. Morgan believed Mysterio to be out there to support her, and so did his father, Rey Mysterio, as he came out soon after to stand in Vega’s corner.

Vega had a great showing against Morgan. At several points, she looked like she could defeat the champion. However, Morgan was able to either evade or kick out of every cover, and eventually gain the upper hand. Outside the ring, Dominik and Rey Mysterio started encroaching on each other’s space, and began arguing at ringside. Not trusting his son, Rey Mysterio took a swipe at Dirty Dom, only to get knocked down by Morgan in retaliation. Vega capitalized on the distraction and once again nearly pinned Morgan. When the champion kicked out, Dominik Mysterio grabbed a steel chair and slid it towards Vega, instructing her to use it. She used it, but she hit him with it. But that caused Vega to be distracted, and Morgan took advantage to win the match and retain her title.

Is Dominik Mysterio the most GORGEOUS man in WWE?!#WWERaw

— WWE (@WWE) July 2, 2024

After the match ended, Cathy Kelley interviewed Morgan about her revenge tour, while Rey Mysterio rushed to Vega in the ring to check in on her.

6.) Finn Balor confronts Seth Rollins about Damian Priest

Seth Rollins, donned all in white, spoke ahead of his match against World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest at Money in the Bank.

As he made his entrance, the pyrotechnics knocked loose confetti leftover in the TD Garden from the Boston Celtics’ recent NBA Championship victory, which Rollins thought might be foreshadowing his own championship victory this Saturday. He told the “Titletown” audience that we would understand better than anyone why he so badly needs to win this title. If Rollins loses his upcoming championship match, he will be barred from challenging for the title so long as Priest holds it. And if he cannot challenge for the title, he will have to reevaluate his identity, his legacy, and his direction. Rollins also discussed the other half of the stipulation, that if he wins, Priest must leave The Judgment Day. He began to explain that his motivation was not to break up the group, but to push Priest to be the best version of himself. He was unable to finish the thought, however, as he was interrupted by The Judgment Day’s Finn Balor.

Balor was upset that Priest has changed since winning his title, and he blamed Rollins for it. Rollins thought Balor was full of it, and he wasn’t mad that Priest was changing–but rather that he had the World Heavyweight Championship, one Balor was never able to win. He told Balor that if he really wanted to argue, then he could step in the ring and fight about it. That’s when Priest entered the ring, which Rollins believed was a Judgment Day trap.

We've got ourselves a BRAWL in BOSTON!#WWERaw

— WWE (@WWE) July 2, 2024

Priest turned out to be irritated that Balor stepped into his business. Rollins tried to square up with Priest, but Balor attacked him from behind. As Balor tore into Rollins, Priest watched, annoyed that Balor, once again, tried to fight his battles for him. Balor beckoned for Priest to join in on the assault, but instead the champion pulled his Judgment Day brother off of Rollins. As the two argued, Rollins superkicked them both in one fell swoop. He knocked out Balor with a stomp, before Priest delivered a devastating South of Heaven chokeslam to Rollins. Despite still being upset with Balor, Priest checked on him before helping him up and leaving the ring. During the break, Rollins exited the ring. He was clearly worse for wear after the attack by Priest, which may not bode well for his championship opportunity on Saturday.

5.) Zoey Stark qualifies for Money in the Bank, but Ivy Nile shines

Dakota Kai, Zoey Stark, and Ivy Nile competed in a triple threat for the final spot in the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

It's #MITB pandemonium on #WWERaw!

— WWE (@WWE) July 2, 2024

Nile was dominant throughout most of the bout, displaying her impressive athletic abilities. Even though she didn’t win, this was a great chance for her to showcase her in-ring skills. The tide began to turn when Kai’s Damage CTRL teammate Kairi Sane showed up to interfere. When Nile noticed Sane on the ring apron, she stopped what she was doing to knock her off, giving Kai an opening to attack. It wasn’t long before the women’s tag team champions, Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre, came to attack Sane and even the odds. While Kai was distracted by the chaos outside, Stark grabbed her and hit a Z-360 before pinning her for the win.

While Stark was victorious, Nile was undoubtedly the star of the match. Her unique offense makes her an exciting performer, and after a brief interaction with Chad Gable last week, it would not be a surprise to see her featured more prominently in the future.

4.) Newest Wyatt 6 tape airs

In the tape that was given to Michael Cole by the Wyatt 6, Bo Dallas once again sat down for a conversation with Uncle Howdy. The cryptic video had a few carefully timed glitches, obscuring information about the faction that may be revealed in the future.

So many questions right now...

— WWE (@WWE) July 2, 2024

Dallas talked about how he was destined to find those who were abandoned, that everyone wanted to forget, and mold them into a new family. He raged about “false prophets berating and belittling their family for their own gain”, which sounds a lot like it describes Chad Gable mistreating the Alpha Academy–and said they must pay for their sins. When Howdy asked Dallas if he thought it was his responsibility to carry out this justice, Dallas called himself the voice of the reckoning. Both Dallas and Howdy began speaking in unison, and the video swapped between the two, faster and faster until their images overlapped, making it abundantly clear that Dallas and Howdy are one and the same.

3.) Liv Morgan costs Dominik Mysterio in match against Rey Mysterio

In a WrestleMania 39 rematch, Dominik Mysterio faced his father Rey Mysterio.

Their feud was reignited after former LWO member Carlito felt disrespected by the group and betrayed them, then asked The Judgment Day for help getting revenge.

During this week’s match, Dominik struggled to gain any traction against his father until Morgan showed up. When Rey set his son up for a 619, Morgan pulled him out of the ring to safety. Dom tried to reject her help, but his father kicked him forward and into Morgan, where the two landed in a precarious position.


— WWE (@WWE) July 2, 2024

Rey Mysterio grabbed Dom to pull him back inside the ring, not satisfied with a countout victory due to Morgan’s shenanigans, but Morgan argued with him. The distraction allowed Dom to pick up some steam. That’s when Zelina Vega jumped into the mix, brawling with Morgan as the Mysterios continued their match. Vega and Morgan fought closer to the ring, knocking Dom off the ropes as he was setting up a frog splash. Caught up in the ropes, Dom was ripe for the picking, leading to Rey picking up another victory against his son.

Morgan tried to apologize to Dom and begged for his forgiveness, but her pleas seemed to fall on deaf ears.

2.) Sami Zayn and Bron Breakker brawl ahead of Intercontinental title match

Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn spoke to the audience about his upcoming title defense against Bron Breakker.

Zayn addressed the chatter surrounding the match, as many believe Breakker to be impossible to beat, or at least impossible for Zayn to beat. Breakker has utterly destroyed nearly every opponent he’s faced so far, but Zayn vowed to take him down at Money in the Bank. While Zayn seemed very sure of himself, he was interrupted by someone who would beg to differ: Bron Breakker.

Breakker admitted that he respected Zayn for having the guts to challenge him when everyone else on the roster was too afraid to get in his way. However, Breakker didn’t think that Zayn’s belief that he could beat him was brave, just naive. Zayn did not back down, reminding Breakker that he has been knocked down a thousand times, and every time he gets back up a little bit stronger.

Will we see the Inter-BRON-tinental Champion this Saturday at #MITB or can @SamiZayn conquer this massive mountain in Toronto?

— WWE (@WWE) July 2, 2024

Breakker started to leave the ring without saying anything, but he decided to respond with a spear rather than words. While Zayn writhed in pain, Breakker headed back up the ramp, but paused to consider, and decided one spear was not enough. Zayn was ready for this one, though, and leapt over Breakker, landing safely as Breakker ran shoulder first into the steel steps. The two brawled, giving a preview of Saturday’s Intercontinental title match. Breakker intercepted Zayn’s Helluva Kick with another spear, and stood tall holding the Intercontinental Championship while Zayn writhed in pain on the mat below him.

1.) Drew McIntyre qualifies for Money in the Bank

In the night’s main event, Ilja Dragunov, Sheamus, and Drew McIntyre battled each other for the final spot in the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

McIntyre entered first, and as he waited for his opponents to make their way to the ring, he pointed towards a sign in the audience that read “SCREW LARRY”, giving his full endorsem*nt of the insult to CM Punk’s pet dog. McIntyre’s utter disdain for his rival (and his rival’s family) fueled him throughout the match.

Once the bell rang, old frenemies McIntyre and Sheamus immediately squared up to each other, completely ignoring Dragunov. When Dragunov tried to get in the match, McIntyre shoved him away, and the Mad Dragon made him pay for disregarding him.


— WWE (@WWE) July 2, 2024

With three of the hardest-hitting competitors in one match, it came as no surprise they delivered a bell-to-bell banger. The Celtic Warrior was especially beloved in the home of the Boston Celtics, and reveled in the warmth of the crowd after delivering Ten Beats of the Bodhran to McIntyre on the barricade.

Much like Ivy Nile earlier in the night, Dragunov had a standout performance against his more seasoned opponents. Though he looked impressive, it wasn’t enough to take him to victory. Nothing was going to stand between McIntyre and that final spot. The Scottish Warrior picked up the win after throwing Dragunov into the timekeeper’s area and pinning Sheamus, becoming the final competitor in the Money in the Bank ladder match.

The REAL Best in the World

— Drew (@DMcIntyreWWE) July 2, 2024

McIntyre was interviewed by Cathy Kelley after his victory. He declared his intention to not only win the Money in the Bank briefcase, but cash in and win the World Heavyweight Championship on Saturday night.

Final ‘Raw’ Before Money in the Bank Shows Depth of WWE Roster (2024)


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