Top three things we loved and hated about WWE RAW (July 1, 2024) (2024)


Just Before Money in the Bank 2024 PLE, tremendous action and a lot of drama was seen in RAW.

On July 1, 2024, WWE RAW produced a packed show full of high-stakes matches, plot developments, and surprising twists. As the countdown to the Money in the Bank event continues, the WWE Universe watched many pivotal events that altered the narrative leading up to the weekend’s premium live event.

From spectacular championship defenses to the ongoing tension between Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio, RAW had plenty of conversation starters. Here, we discuss the top three things we liked and disliked about this week’s edition of WWE RAW.

Loved: Jey Uso’s opening segment

Jey Uso opened the program with a blazing promo, establishing the tone for the night and creating excitement for the Money in the Bank event. His altercation with Chad Gable was fierce and intriguing, teasing a future rivalry that may fascinate viewers in the coming weeks.

The program also expanded the Wyatt Sicks plot, providing a layer of mystery and intrigue. The arrival of Abby The Witch (Nikki Cross) and the foreboding box delivered to Michael Cole provided a scary element to the proceedings, resulting in a gripping WWE RAW opener.

Hated: Seth Rollins and The Judgment Day’s interruptions

Finn Bálor and Damian Priest interrupted Seth Rollins’ promo, resulting in a chaotic scene that showcased the conflict inside The Judgment Day. While the power battle between Bálor and Priest adds an intriguing aspect, the segment felt fragmented and did not generate enough momentum for the approaching World Heavyweight Championship bout.

The repeated breaks and lack of a clear direction for The Judgment Day’s plot leave supporters perplexed about the faction’s fate. WWE should simplify this storyline and offer a more concentrated buildup to the championship fight.

Loved: Liv Morgan’s championship defense and ongoing storyline

Liv Morgan maintained her dominant reign as Women’s World Champion, successfully defending her title against Zelina Vega. The battle was full of high-energy moments that demonstrated Morgan’s resilience and in-ring skill.

The involvement of Dominik Mysterio in the plot brought another element of drama since his unintentional intervention had a significant impact on the match’s conclusion. The idea to mirror Morgan’s previous successes, including the steel chair tragedy, was ingenious and brought dimension to her character. Furthermore, recognizing Vega as a real challenger drew much-needed attention to her abilities.

Hated: Zoey Stark’s Money in the Bank Qualifier

Zoey Stark earned her spot on the Money in the Bank ladder match after defeating Dakota Kai and Ivy Nile in a triple threat match. While the action was good, the bout was overshadowed by outside interference by The Unholy Union (Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre) assaulting Kairi Sane at ringside.

This distraction detracted from the contestants’ efforts and muddled the waters of an otherwise clear competition. Stark’s victory is encouraging, but WWE must guarantee that future qualifying fights enable competitors to shine without undue intervention.

Loved: Rey Mysterio vs Dominik Mysterio

The family hatred between Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio reignited, resulting in an emotionally charged and intense encounter. The appearances of Liv Morgan and Zelina Vega added to the pandemonium, resulting in a multifaceted plot that kept spectators interested.

The match’s ending, with Rey emerging triumphant and Morgan’s appeal to Dominik, paved the way for future occurrences. This continuous feud remains one of WWE’s most fascinating stories, expertly mixing personal strife with in-ring combat.

Hated: Xavier Woods vs Karrion Kross

While the match between Xavier Woods and Karrion Kross was technically sound, it struggled to hold the audience’s interest. The plot featuring Kross’ attempts to entice Woods away from Kofi Kingston appears undercooked and lacks the emotional depth required to captivate viewers.

Furthermore, the post-match brawl between Kross and The Final Testament, while brilliantly done, did little to advance the plot. The group remains mostly undefined, with ambiguous aims and objectives. WWE could add more backstory and character development to make this feud more engaging.

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Top three things we loved and hated about WWE RAW (July 1, 2024) (2024)


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